Home Business Pro Review

Posting this release update here again so you don’t miss it…

You’re going to love this!

From the makers of Power Lead System…

How To Build a $600 per Day Business From Your Kitchen Table

Without Creating Products, Building Websites, or Any Techie Knowledge Whatsoever…

Nobody has ever offered anything like this before.

Learn everything you need to know to make $600 a day (or more) with a Home Business.

The product is everything you’ve been looking for in one place.

All your training, live calls that do the telling and selling for you, a done-for-you sales funnel with professionally made videos, email marketing and copywriting training, done-for-you swipe copy and subject lines, exactly how to generate unlimited traffic, leads and sales for free…

A killer new compensation plan that’ll make you feel like people are throwing $200 commissions at you from every direction… and for unlimited depth.

You’ve got to see this!



P.S. See how I’m marketing this?

Everything here has been made for me.

The sales funnel, video sales letter and this promotional email as well.

All I did was attach this funnel to a subdomain I have inside PLS.

Cool huh!?

Every time ANY of your front line affiliates get $200 commission so do you!

But the DEPTH of these passups don’t stop at just your direct referred affiliates. They keep coming from unlimited depth in the comp plan as your team of affiliates grow. You can end up receiving $200 passup, “Perpetual Leverage” commissions from referrals and activity made by your team of affiliates down from “Level 17” or “Level 5” or ANY depth level inside your affiliate network.

Sounds crazy, huh? But it really isn’t. It’s very smart though and inside the video it’s all explained to you so that you can understand how this affiliate structure flows.

And of course you get more $200 commissions each of your new referrals too.

If you love leveraged unlimited depth comp plans like this like I do, this might be perfect for you.


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