Viral Cash Funnel Weekly Overview

The Viral Cash Funnel allows you to build a full time cash flow from home using our “done for you” automated affiliate sales funnel.

It includes training on how to set it up, get leads to it and use it to create direct and passive income.

It’s the #1 sales funnel I recommend for affiliate marketing beginners.

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Solving the College Debt Burden

Done For You Affiliate Marketing System Creates Cash Flow Daily

Exactly what people want. Finally a done for you system that pays you passive income on the work that 100s, even 1000s of other people do for you…

You get the system, the tools and the training to know exactly how to use it.

Its only purpose: To create cashflow independence for you.


It’s a smarter way that millions of home based entrepreneurs are using to create time freedom from a part time side hustle home business.

Perfect for people seeking to build that #FreeAgentLifestyle and Simple Freedom living.

For a complete review and consultation with me, review the video at the link below and let’s connect.

I’m here to help you every step of the way.

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Cash Now Funnel Review

Cash Now Funnel is a strategy to leverage digital products to create residual cash flow as well as instant one-time sales commissions. This newbie friendly funnel is an A-Z share funnel that teaches entry level marketers the fundamentals of lead generation, team building through replication, and the importance of following a marketing routine system.

Cash Now Funnel includes a share code and training is provided that walks viewers through the simple copy and paste setup process (step2).

The entire Cash Now Funnel system is broken down into 3 steps for students to follow:

Step 1 – Fast Start Training

Step 2 – System Setup

Step 3 – Endless Instant Traffic

Commissions can be earned promoting Cash Now Funnel in the amounts of $20, $25, $50, $90, $100,$200, $400, and $1,000 dollar payments.

The focus of Cash Now Marketing Funnel is to teach students of network marketing, internet marketing, referral marketing and affiliate marketing a solid understanding of the automated sales funnel process. Step 3 provides training on Solo Ads and other online traffic resources. There are excellent visual aids that help explain the simplicity of organizing advertising campaigns and directing leads to the users landing page.

One of the most valuable assets that any marketing professional can have is their own contact list. Cash Now Funnel facilitates this task with a done for you system that allows marketers at any skill level to achieve this quickly with a share funnel that can be up and running in minutes.

Cash Now Funnel has a 14-day trial price of only $1 dollar.

See it now (here)

How To use Incentives The Right Way To Build A Mailing List

“Download your FREE VIRAL REPORT to learn how our team is able to generate 1000s of hits a day using this free viral re-brandable marketing system”

If you want to grow your audience, then it is crucial to add a mailing list to your marketing practices…

How to Use Incentives the Right Way to Build a Killer Mailing List

Mailing lists allow you to collect emails and that in turn means that you can more easily reach your audience with new products or offers. This is a great way to turn cold leads into warm leads and that’s imperative if you plan on promoting something.

The only slight problem is that people, on the whole, don’t tend to like giving out their contact details. They know that this is going to mean they receive marketing messages and very often, that will be considered to be spam. So how can you persuade your visitors to change their mind and ease up?

What is an Incentive?

One common practice is to get around this problem by offering an incentive. That means providing some kind of free download in exchange for joining the mailing list in many cases – but you need to be careful how you go about this.

For example, let’s say that you are promoting a network marketing business and you’re trying to collect emails. Very often you might then do this by offering a free ‘report’ or even a free ebook for every new person who signs up. People love getting free things and if you tell them how your business opportunity can help them to make money, generate leads or build a downline for free, then they’ll often make the decision that it is worth parting with their email address.

But there’s a problem with this strategy, which is that it can end up attracting the wrong kind of subscriber – the kind of subscriber who is just looking for something free and who won’t be interested in buying from you in future. Often people will take the ebook and then never read another email from you! They may even unsubscribe immediately after…

How to Attract the Right Kind of Subscriber

Your job is to try and avoid letting that happen so that you’re attracting only the right kind of subscriber. How do you do that?

One option is to allow them to rebrand the book by adding their affiliate links and replacing your links with their’s… now you may think I’m crazy but this get’s so powerful because they need to join you in your businesses first then they can rebrand the report with their links. This incentivises them to join you first in your businesses so they can then own the free viral lead magnets that you’re giving away, then you’ll be able to build up an army of affiliates building in your downlines using your free viral PDF reports.

We have a very powerful free marketing system called Mega Marketing Pro that has all this built in to the system. Yes you can join here and rebrand the PDF reports and have access to a free auto responder and mailing list system with done for you funnels and Incentives that you can giveaway. Also the system allows you to add in any businesses of your choice that you are already promoting. 

Anyone you give away this free system to will join under you as a referral and will only see YOUR links to the programs you are promoting, and you get all this for free plus all the marketing tools.

Of course it’s also important that you actually keep up your end of the bargain and that means making sure that your emails really are engaging and high quality so that your visitors want to keep reading them but in MMP they also give you to share codes with all the pre-written emails for your mailing list. If you want to grow your audience, then it is crucial to add a mailing list to your marketing practices and using MMP you have everything you need free all in one place.

High Cash Flow Affiliate Marketing

The most common question I get from network marketers is this…

What’s the best way to grow my business quickly?

And it’s a smart question.

The quick answer is to increase transactions.

With that being said, your real issue isn’t going out in the field and doing all the work yourself.

The REAL issue is not fully understanding the true power of this business, which is leverage.

This means you’re leveraging the efforts of other people on your team to help increase your sales volume.

So your options are:

1. Keep trying to do all the work yourself.

Ultimately, wasting more time and becoming increasingly more frustrated in the process…


2. Follow a PROVEN step-by-step method that helps network marketers like yourself increase their sales volume by building a large revenue-producing team in as little as 12 weeks.

I put together a detailed video (above) that’s about 30 minutes, explaining how you can do this and keep your business super simple in the process.

There is no reason to over complicate this.

Nobody is looking for a super complicated system that’s not simple to duplicate.

So if you keep it more automated, more simple and more leveraged, it’ll duplicate more.

Enjoy the info and I’ll see you inside.


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Stop Stopping Yourself And Start Building Your Simple Freedom Lifestyle

Stop Stopping Yourself

I can help you and it’s pretty simple.

Review my funnel and then call me.

And by call me, I mean, text, email, message, voicemail etc.

All my contact info is always below and on every platform you’re connected with me on.


Today’s message…

Stop stopping yourself.

You already know what you need to do.

You know it’s not complicated.
You know it’s simple.

You also know it’s not easy or complicated all of the time.

You already know.

Stop being a little scared about life or about yourself.

You’re much more powerful than you know.

Stop being afraid of the obstacles.

Start running right up directly to them and face them.

If you need an assist in building your business, here’s a big one:

Everyone’s hiring right now.

Get off social media and get another part time solely to use those funds to invest in yourself and in building your business.

Go build your life.
Build you.
Build mindset.
Build skill set.
Build cash flow.

Stop making this complicated and let’s work together this year to build your life.

Start here:

Let me help you start stacking $200 per sale using my automated system.

Let’s take it from there.

Are you ready?


A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Footstep

Cash Flow Independence

Time Freedom

Go you own way and create your own smart work, which creates your own cash flow.

Leverage where you’re at now and do the best you can. Use your off time to build up your own side hustle.

Focus on cash flow and cash flow systems.

Doing this on the internet in remote work fashion from home is the smartest way to go.

The tallest tree begins as a tiny sprout.

The tallest building starts with one shovel of dirt.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single footstep.

Just be sure you’re not building on sand, or walking in circles.

Keep it simple.

Keep it duplication friendly.

Keep it focused on cash flow independence.

Make sure you can get paid today and in large enough chunks to truly build a marketable side hustle with.

Then use that cash flow to by back some of your time freedom and invest directly back into your business in the form of more leads, prospects and traffic so you can scale up.

Help the business help itself.

Feed it.

And it’ll feed you in cash flow and time freedom.

Live your life.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Use “done for you” automated systems that sell high converting offers.

Grow from there.

You can work personally with me here.

It’s the easiest, fastest and simplest way to get started.

From there I show you the kinds of simple systems you need and effective traffic sources to feed it.

It’s a smarter form of affiliate marketing.

And there’s significant leverage inside the program as we help you build a large affiliate organization that becomes productive faster. Start here though first and let’s take that first step.

Simple Freedom.

This is the essence of what we do.



Affiliate Marketers Are You Ready To Hit 2022 Hard And Scale Smart?

FULL-TIME PASSIVE MONTHLY INCOME: Cash Flow Independence starts with smart systems, leverage, automation and creating your own work 24/7 from anywhere.

Side Hustle Mastery for Ongoing Income…

My Multiple Income Funnel Review & Join:


SIMPLE FREEDOM CLUB – Join the Club Here:

List Leverage: $200 Again & Again Automated System:


I created this system specifically for affiliate marketers and red pill content consumers looking for ways to generate full time cash flow without reinventing the wheel. It’s a “done-for-you” SIDE HUSTLE business in a virtual box.

And I teach you how to build it. Our training is the product and is included in all our programs.


Focus on your purpose.
Increase your value.
Build cash flow independence.

It’s about improving your mindset, stacking your skill sets, getting on your grind, focusing on your purpose, getting in the best shape of your life and building a lifestyle with more (higher quality) options.

Stop getting played.
Stop simping.
Stop wasting time.

Play chess not checkers.



Call or text or email me with any questions or if you want to connect.

Charles Williams

COACHING & CONSULTING AVAILABLE Attraction Marketing is a method for creating direct response style marketing systems in affiliate marketing.

The reason I implemented these strategies is because I already knew they worked from my use of them in the offline world in direct mail and personal selling. When the Internet came of age enough for us to use it as a marketing tool, I implemented these direct response marketing methods immediately to great affect.

They allowed me to simplify things in my own business but also helped me flip part time income ideas in affiliate markteing into full time streams of automated cash flow.

If you’re a content creator having trouble monetizing your social media and content platforms, these strategies will help you.

RED PILL ALPHA BUSINESS: How to Quickly Create Share Coded Sales Funnels to Leverage and Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Passive Income Streams…

My Preferred Tool Suite for Building Unlimited Sales Funnels for Any Affiliate Marketing Offer:

How to Create Your Own Cash Flow Online From Home.

Keep it simple.
Create a cash flow machine.

Focus on YOU and Your Purpose.
Stack Your Skill Sets.
Optimize Your Personal and Business Life.

Attract Higher Quality Options.

Simple Freedom Lifestyle Free Agent Lifestyle Start here:

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Always keep this stuff simple.

Call me or text me direct with any questions.

No beating around the bush.

No beta male blue pill hype or nonsense.

I need to help you build cash flow fast.

Let’s stop messing around with life and build freedom.

Call, text or email me with any questions.